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Not Always a Bargain

City Slicker

Not Always a Bargain

 I just did a rate check for the Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport for July 1, 2015 for one night ---- Hyatt shows a one room rate $89-109. ----- Multiple other reservation webpages show rates in the $102-110 rage.  The "bargain" rate with the Barclay Card webpage is a whopping $164.


Instead of the Barclay bargain of up to 40% less, the Barclay rate is the highest I could find on any reservation web page, and is over 50% higher than the most common rate for the exact same hotel on the exact same date.


Overall, the Barclay credit card is a great product. Unfortunately, the travel service program is a major disservice when it offers such a grossly inflated price.


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Community Manager

Re: Not Always a Bargain

Thanks for the feedback @vandewalle101 - as Stefanie pointed out in her blog, the prices are comparable to or better than, but that may not always be the case. 


Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!  Would love to hear more from others that have used our Hotel Deals before - we've had a number of reservations since launching in January!

Nationally Recognized

Re: Not Always a Bargain

I actually found the same thing to be true with my SapphirePreferred card.  As a very frequent traveler, one of the reasons I changed most of my charges to Barclaycard (with which I am very happy!) is because their best deal is when you use points to book travel on their site.  In every instance I checked their rates were significantly higher than what I could have booked elsewhere.

Stately Explorer

Re: Not Always a Bargain

@ProfFrancesca - I totally agree with your view. I have had the same reason for switching in from sapphire to Barclays. The advantage is that you are free to search for the best possible rates, which is kind of not possible with sapphire. It always shows rate higher than the market. 

Internationally Known

Re: Not Always a Bargain

Sometimes you just have to search around for the best price I guess.