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Ireland or Iceland?

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Re: Ireland or Iceland?

We spent 4 weeks in Ireland (North and South). We had a blast. There is so much to see and do, great hiking, great music, quaint towns and even the larger cities had lots to offer. I would highly recommend not to split up your 2 week vacation. For both countries 1 week is just too short to really explore what’s out there unless you only want to sit in your rental car all day long. Ireland has mild winters but it rains a bit and can be windy. Days in March are in both countries rather short but you can have very good entertainment in the many pubs across Ireland. Locals gather to play traditional music and to exchange the latest gossip. Food is decent and so much less expensive. You really don’t have to book an organized tour, at this time of the year accommodations should not be a problem and driving around is fairly easy (once you are used to the wrong side of the road). No matter how you decide, have a great honeymoon!!

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Re: Ireland or Iceland?

I just joined this community, so I missed replying in time, but where did you end up going? I would have suggested Dublin!

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Re: Ireland or Iceland?

Welcome to the community!!

We actually ended up doing something completely different. An opportunity came up to go to France/Spain for work for a week and a half, so we extended that trip and spent another week and a half in Italy!

Both Ireland and Iceland are still on our list for the next few years though!  

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Re: Ireland or Iceland?

@teebeetoo wrote:

I just spent my honeymoon in Iceland and plan to go back for my anniversary but I can promise you that there is literally nothing affordable about Iceladn besides the flight there and honestly, I think that spending a week there during that time you'd be kind of limited in what you could see. I'd think that Ireland would be much cheaper and the weather will still be sort of bleak, but the local climate won't make some destinations in country prohibitive. (Like in Iceland there are some roads only opn from May-September.)

Heard too how expensive and how high the cost of living in Iceland.