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Heading up the coast of Norway on a cruise--input?

County Wise

Heading up the coast of Norway on a cruise--input?

A friend from the Netherlands has told me to try to do the Flam railway, but comments I'm reading are pretty critical of it in summer. Wondering if I shouldn't hold it for a later off-season trip.  Supposed to be gorgeous, but very pricey from the ship, and the whole darn trip is going to be scenic beyond measure.  We'll be going all the way up to Honningsvag with multiple stops up and back--Holland America in/out of Amsterdam, August 8-22.  We'll have 2 days in the city before return flight.  We have our hotel, and from 15 years ago, I remember Cafe Amsterdam, I think it was--old pumping station turned restaurant out at the end of a streetcar line.  I remember being the only foreigners there and liking it a lot. Have done a few museums and Anne Frank and a red-light walk-through.


Anyway, I could use any input you folks have.  Thanks.

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Re: Heading up the coast of Norway on a cruise--input?

I would definetely do the Flam railway.  It is stunning, the only issue is the cruise ship crowds in summer.  If you can wait until later in the season, that might help, but even in summer it is worth it.  Try googling "Norway in a Nutshell", they sell packages for the railway and fjord cruises.  They are expensive, but everything in Norway is expensive, and they are probably cheaper that something you book with the cruise line.  Amsterdam is a great walking city, I have no real advice there, just walk the town and enjoy.