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February Trip Ideas

Internationally Known

February Trip Ideas

My wife is a teacher so my trips align well with the school calendar. Does anyone have a good trip suggestion for about 8-9 days in mid-February?Trying to do something International. I'd prefer to avoid the Caribean because it is kind of pricey at that time and we're not huge beach people. I was thinking Somewhere in Asia; is South Korea doable in about 8-9 days? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Stately Explorer

Re: February Trip Ideas

Personally, if I had a choice, I really wouldn't recommend doing an Asia trip in that time frame just because you are going to have a few rough days as far as jet lag goes and you'll probably lose a significant amount of time actually being on the very long flight. However, I am actually doing an Asia trip in about ten days (including airfare) because I found a Groupon Getaway deal for $600 tour packages that include airfare that were just too good to turn up! You might want to check that out.


As for other destinations, what about Southern Spain or Italy? It seems like it would be a great time to visit because you would miss the throngs of tourists and have decent weather compared to what most places in the US look like at that time. Another idea might be Argentina. It will be summer there, but also not the touristy part of summer, so it won't be as crazy as January can be in some areas.