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Eurail Passes!

City Slicker

Eurail Passes!

Hello Everyone!


My girlfriend and I are going to be backpacking through Western Europe this summer from June 11th-July 12th and visiting several countries (Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands)


Everyone has said that the Eurail is the way to go.  Unfortunately, we'll be turning 26 a few months before our travel meaning we are ineligible for the youth pass which in turn means the passes we will have to purchase are twice as much.


Does anyone have any experience with Eurail passes and what might be the best fit for us?  We are currently leaning towards the Global Eurail pass, but wondering if we should get the 10 days of travel for $800 or 25 continuous days of travel for $900.  So expensive...


Any information on how to use eurail effectively or tips for eurail would be extremely appreciated!

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Re: Eurail Passes!

I just got back from a 4 country 3 week trip in Europe.  If you are going to go with the flow and don't want to have definite plans, I would go with a Eurail.  If you have a set plan and time table consider looking at the bus and/or flying.  There are buses throughout Europe and some of them when booked in advance are really cheap.  I went from Munich to Berlin for 17 euros. If you don't have checked luggage, flying can be a cheap and fast option.  Before buying the pass, I would cost out each leg of travel and look at the different transpotation methods and then compare that price to the Eurail.

Stately Explorer

Re: Eurail Passes!

I highly recommend a Eurail Pass trip! When I was younger (I'm now retired and happy), I went on several Eurail trips. One very extensive trip (took me about a month) allowed me to visit Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, etc.  It was the best trip I ever took.


Trains in Europe are excellent and very reliable, and you can plan your itinerary to the minute if you wish.  A couple of hours on a train and you're on a different country, a different culture. Wonderful.


I suggest you visit the following website that can explain the various possibilities:


You can choose a number of countries or areas.  For example, one trip I chose Scandinavia, and I visited Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


Good luck!




County Wise

Re: Eurail Passes!

If you have time (and patience) you might find that you can get better deals by visiting the country specific train or bus sites. Almost all of these have English translation and can probably give you a better idea as to the real value of the eurail passes...just a thought...