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Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

City Slicker

Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

My wife and I are going to be in Edinburgh, Scotland from 9/24 - 9/26. Any recommendations on some "Must Sees" or "Must Dos"?

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City Slicker

Re: Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

We just returned from a cruise of the British Isles and Edinburgh was our favorite stop. Touring the castle is a must do...we were there for 3 hrs. Get there early to beat crowds and see the jewels first. Time for us was limited. We walked the Royal Mile and had a delicious lunch in the Albanach Whiskey Bar where we ate Haggis. We were hesitant to try it but so glad that we was outstanding! Time permitting we would have strolled the market or taken in Holyrood Palace. I am so happy for you...Edinburgh is a magical place. We can't wait to return hopefully for the Tattoo.
City Slicker

Re: Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

Edinburgh is one of my favorite places! Its a shame you will be there for such a short time, because it's a lot of fun to head into the highlands as well. 


If you just have a short amount of time in Edinburgh, it would depend on your interests on what you should do. If you like art, they have a great national portrait gallery and other nice museums. If you like outdoor stuff, hiking Arthur's Seat is great. If you like history and architecture, touring the Scottish Parliament building is incredible, and Holyrood Palace is really interesting as well. The Botanical Gardens are really pretty. Eat some seafood. I found the castle really interesting, but some people have gone and skipped it. You should at least spend some time hanging out in the gardens below, it is one of the best views :) I loved wandering around New Town behind Prince's Street. 

Internationally Known

Re: Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

Edinburgh Castle is a must see. The Britannia another must see. Cashmere shops must see and must buy. A long walk down Prince street is fun and there are lots of places to stop for a drink or something to eat. 

Stately Explorer

Re: Edinburgh, Scotland 9/24 - 9/26

Edinburgh might be my favorite city in the world. Everyone is so friendly and the city is stunning! Here are my tips:

  • Edinburgh Castle: Don't pay at the door for the tour, its overpriced and many OTHER tours get you in the door for free and give you bonuses. Check out the Edinburgh Tattoo (Bagpipes/Drums in the castle, wonderful show!) and their Castle & Whisky Tour. MUCH more bang for your buck and who doesnt like pipes with whisky!
  • Surgeons Hall:  Honestly this is my favorite museum. Worth it to see all the relics of medicine!
  • Royal Botanic Gardens: Have lunch in the area at Bluebird cafe and just wander this area, find St. Stephen Street and the Stockbridge market for beautiful and quiet strolls. I cannot suggest this one enough.
  • King Arthurs Seat: Rain or shine, worth the climb.
  • Calton Hill: Another quick and within the city limits climb with stunning views from the top and some beautiful relics. Make sure to get a sunset picture of the Dugald Stewart Monument on the backside.
  • Don't buy the Gin or Scotch anywhere near old town: Buy it in less touristy parts of the city or take one of the Distillery tours where the prices will be MUCH cheaper and you get free tastings anyway.
  • Mary Kings Close: Fun but often crowded and over priced, go on a weeknight!!!
  • The Scott Monument: Worth it to take the climb to the top, many people don't know its there. The National Museum of Scotland also has rooftop views to die for!

Food & Drink!

  • The Devils Advocate
  • The Canny Mans
  • Cadiz (if you like oysters, otherwise its a bit overpriced)
  • The Cafe at the Palace: After you spend time at Holyrood Palace go and have some afternoon tea at The Cafe at the Palace!
  • Bramble Bar & Lounge