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Disney World Experience on a Budget

City Slicker

Disney World Experience on a Budget

Hey everyone,


I'm planning on visiting Disney World at the end of the month, travelling with (in total) 4 adults, 3 children (ages 5 & under) and also an infant. This trip is relatively spontaneous - we did not spend 18 months researching and saving and planning for this, rather we saw cheap airline tickets and figured why not. I was at Disney World once in the past 15 years; I'm far from an aficionado on the subject. What are the 'Must-Dos' there? Which experiences are overhyped and a waste of time? I'm looking to do this on a tight budget; I'm not looking to spend extra for additional 'experiences' (i.e. Breakfast with characters). I remember that the fireworks are a sight to see, and the light show is memorable. I also have a vague recollection of some preformance on the water at night (guests sat in bleachers overlooking the area of the lake where the show took place) which was incredible.

What advice would you all give me for A. What we MUST make sure to do (for adults and/or kids), B. What we should not bother with, and C. What's the most affordable way to make the most out of what can't be a cheap trip?
Thank you in advance for all your advice and recommendations!
I really appreciate it :)