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Car Rental in Jamaica ?

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Car Rental in Jamaica ?

Hello all,

I hope you all are doing great and traveling to amazing places. I have been very busy with life lately and do not have much time to write some posts. Hopefully, things will be better after this month. Now, back to the question. Did anyone of you rent a car in Jamaica? We are spending a few days in an all-inclusive resort and thought about renting a car for a day to explore nearby areas. I am comfortable driving in places outside the USA and don't mind a little adventure. Are there local rental agencies and how much would be the cost? We will be in the Montego Bay area and probably pick up the car from the Airport. How was your experience driving there?

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City Slicker

Re: Car Rental in Jamaica ?

It was recommneded to us by friends that lived there to rent a car and driver as needed as there is a high occurance of car break in and car theft.  We stayed at holiday inn montego bay and rented a driver 2 different days. Very affordable and took great care of us. We did one full day with him. Went to Ricks cafe, 7 mile beach etc. After seeing and hearing some stories we were very happy with out chocies. We are not people that are scared to drive in foreign countires as we drove all over Panama for 21 days and Ecuador. But we certainly found this to be the best option for Jamaica