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Belly Up, No More Happy Landings

Internationally Known

Belly Up, No More Happy Landings

Which airlines from the past do you miss the most?


It's amazing to think about all of the changes that have taken place in this industry. Over the years, hundreds of companies have disappeared from the friendly skies, some because of bankruptcies, others because of mergers. Some of the ones I miss the most are Pan Am, Braniff International, Western, Air Berlin, Aloha, Northwest, Republic, Eastern and US Airways.


And, most of all, TWA. But this famous airline just made an exciting comeback, not in the air, but on the ground! The TWA Hotel just opened at the JFK airport in New York. You can check in and spend the night or just a few hours. The entire motif of the hotel is a flashback to the good old days of TWA. I can't wait to spend a night there!



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Internationally Known

Re: Belly Up, No More Happy Landings

I grew up flying United Airlines because my dad was a pilot for United.  Most of my experience was on United.  However, I did fly to Phoenix many years ago on the “Flying Banana,”  Hughes Airwest.  In the late 70’s my mom and I flew to Australia and New Zeleand on Pan Am.  In California there was PSA, I don’t remember if they went belly up or merged.  Western Airlines, Braniff (with their purple planes), TWA, Eastern, I did just see an Eastern Airlines plane in Miami, and many more.  I have always loved to watch planes.  Aloha used to give Hawaiian competition on inter-island flights.