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Barbados in August

City Slicker

Barbados in August

Hi All,


I'm getting married in August, and trying to plan a honeymoon. Does anyone have location recommendations? We are thinking that Barbados might be a good destination. Has anyone been to Barbados in August? Any tips or suggestions?



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City Slicker

Re: Barbados in August

Congrats Andy! I've been there twice in August and yes it's hot, but it's also hot in New York in August. There are many beautiful locations depending on what you're looking for: south coast has many bars/restaurants and is more casual and livelier, west coast seemed a little more formal and quieter, east coast is rugged and beaches are not as suitable for swimming due to large waves and currents, north coast is somewhat same as east coast. No matter where you decide it's all beautiful and small enough to see most if not all of it. That's my concise summary, plenty of info. online. Enjoy!
Internationally Known

Re: Barbados in August

Sounds like fun! I've been to Barbados twice, but in September and June, not August.


Do you have any particular interests and plans for your honeymoon? It is a small island. If you are planning to spend most of the time on a resort, that's great. If you are the type that will rent a car and explore the island each day, you might run out of things to do after a week or so.


There are some amazing beaches on this island. Definitely visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery and do the tour. Just like other touristy places in the Caribbean, you've got the segway / ziplining / catamaran / submarine / swim with dolphins / etc activities, if you've got money to blow.


This is hurricane season, and although Barbados is in the outskirts of the hurricane belt, there is a tiny risk. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've been to the Caribbean plenty during hurricane season and always had great weather.