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Award flight question

City Slicker

Award flight question

Hi, new here.  I am a newbie when comes to airline award flights.  For a big trip, I used a bunch of British Air Avios for our flights on JAL: KIX (Osaka)---> HND (Tokyo)--->SFO.  BA website shown eTickets have been issued and fees paid.  However, I can not locate this on my JAL Mileage Bank account.  What do I need to do to have these show up on JAL, or should I just leave them on BA website?  Most blogs I read only talked about how to redeem miles and points, but don't tell me what I should do after the flights are redeemed.  Any help from our seasoned travelers appreciated.  Thank you.  



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Re: Award flight question

Hi @winedoc. We can confirm that when you use your Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard you'll earn miles for every dollar spent. These miles are not sent to any particular airline and instead you would redeem these miles directly with Barclaycard. You may redeem your miles for travel statement credits, statement credit (not against a travel transaction), gift cards or merchandise. Your miles can be redeemed on your online account at or by calling us at 866-558-1107. ^AW

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Re: Award flight question

In general, I wouldn't worry if a partner shows it booked. But it can still be useful to see a booking on the operating carrier's site for the additional piece of mind, as well as being able to do things like select seats and online check in.


It took more digging than usual, but are you able to look up the reservation at ? I'm not familiar with JAL, you may need to call in to associate your FF # with that reservation. 

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Re: Award flight question

Hi wine doc,


Probably the quickest and easiest way to get the trip to track via JAL's system will be to add your JAL frequent flyer# to the ticket. You'll also want to have the JAL record locator, if different from BA's. So I would first call BA executive Club and ask them for the JAL record locator for this flight, then ask them to remove your BA FF# and replace it with your JAL one. If for any reason they won't do this, you can now call JAL and after providing them the JAL record locator, have them add your JAL frequent flyer number. That will result in the itinerary showing up when you log in to your JAL account.


For future reference, the best thing to do is to delete the BA FF# at the time of booking. BA's site generally won't let you add another ff program number while making an avios award booking online, but if you just delete the BA number and leave the field blank, you can add another ff program number later from that respective Airline's site. EG: book with avios, delete ba ff# while booking, obtain AA record locator during booking (via seat assignment process), then after booking go to to add my AA frequent flyer number and receive the requisite benefits from status or card membership. Hope this helps.