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Alaskan Cruise

City Slicker

Alaskan Cruise

Hi all! New to the boards! My husband and I are going on our first Alaskan Cruise next August.  We are going to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and glacier bay.  Any tips on excursions to take? 

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County Wise

Re: Alaskan Cruise

These two I find should be usefull that my wife and I did months before we left from San Francisco was to pre-book with the cruiseline all excersions so as not to miss out for lack of avaiability once in port.

Next pre-book all your restaurant dinners that are not enclusive with the cruise that you would like to eat at as you will not be able to book them once onboard most likely.

All the excursions are worthwhile to take, just read up on them and book ahead as too with the restaurants.