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Anniversary Weekend in Dallas
We used some of our Arrival miles to pay for two nights in the Westin Galleria in Dallas this past w... Read more
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First Time Using Miles - New York
New York
I started getting into points and miles back in March and it totally changed my world. I was complet... Read more
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Yeah We're Crazy...We Rented a Car in St. Lucia
St Lucia
Our trip to St. Lucia was sparked by an impulse Groupon buy for Smuggler's Cove Resort in the Northe... Read more
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Long Beach Pride excursion
Long Beach
We had been planning to go to hang out with our friends in Long Beach for awhile, and Long Beach Pri... Read more
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The Open at St. Andrews
Saint Andrews
This summer, I had the chance to take my dad to the open championship at St. Andrew's in Scotland. U... Read more
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Travel with Toddler & infant
San Diego
We did it! Every young family frets the travel with young children. Our 2.5 year old and 9 month old... Read more
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My Travel Principles to Live By (And Save Money)
Special Region of Yogyakarta
In the words of my wise friend, “travel is my jam.” I love discovering the world and all her splendo... Read more
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Barclay Paid For My River Rafting in Costa Rica
Costa Rica
My friends and I had a great vacation in Costa Rica. There are so many activities to do from surfing... Read more
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5 months backpacking, $4000
I graduated from college a year early so I could backpack abroad guilt-free. The goal was to travel ... Read more
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Roughing It in Nola
New Orleans
My last two trips to Nola were a little rougher than they have been in the past. My first trip to Ne... Read more
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San Diego: RV style!
San Diego
Last weekend, I flew to San Diego for a yoga conference at the Marriott Marina Marquis downtown. The... Read more
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Wine Time
BarclayCard made my time in Napa virtually free. I used my miles to get out to SFO and have the best... Read more
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Uniquely Singapore - 4 cousins, 4 days in the Lion City
Haven't seen my cousins in 7 years, I was thrilled to hear of the plan meet up and travel to Singapo... Read more
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Joy Wrapped in Sheer Terror
Ok guys, here's my first post on the board. Hope you dig my story :)It was only 3 days after I was l... Read more
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Penny Hill Park
Just finished off an ultra relaxing weekend at Penny Hill Park (in Bagshot, Surrey UK): attended a g... Read more
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Boston Marathon travel tips
Traveling to Boston for the marathon can be a little crazy, but super fun. Here are some tips.GETTIN... Read more
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Chiang Mai
Travelers & expats love Chiang Mai, Thailand! Many people that have traveled the world, and now call... Read more
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Boston by day and night, never fails to disappoint
I initially arrived Wednesday August 5th by JetBlue from Detroit - and already my travel experience ... Read more
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Choose Your Own Adventures
San José de Maipo
It had been more than five years since I had seen the girl who stayed with my family as a foreign ex... Read more
452 5
Jamaica Mon!
Booked my first vacation out of the US since I was 3 years old through Cheap Caribbean and was able ... Read more
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