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Reward Boost Miles

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Reward Boost Miles

Hi all.


With the holidays here I have been, of course, a bit mixed up in the whole shopping game I try to avoid most of the year. I have been using a site called cashbackmonitor to see which airline or credit card portals have the best deal, and have been pleased to see that on several occasions it was Barclay Reward boost. However, I have not received any conformation emails or otherwise seen "proof" that my purchase through the rewards boost portal was recorded. I know that the points would take a bit to hit, probably until the next statement credit, but is there a conformation email or someplace to look to see that y purchases are helping me to earn travel rewards?



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Re: Reward Boost Miles

I have never had luck with the Reward Boost Miles, hence why I don't ever bother using it. I have emailed Barclays in the past to try and get my points for airline tickets after accessing the websites via the Reward Boost Miles site but all they did was send me a letter that said they couldn't do it. Literally, the letter had one sentence that say "Your request could not be processed at this time." I've sent email after email but unfortunately nothing. No updates on any investigations that they are doing or anything. 

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Re: Reward Boost Miles

I used to have trouble with it but lately its been smooth. You MUST be areful to do it right though:

  1. Click on the website/shop via barclays reward boost page
  2. DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY from the boost page OR the shop page (IE no new tabs etc)
  3. Complete the purchase quickly, if its slow enough to log you out of Barclay then it won't work, you kind of have to know what your purchasing and not browse.
  4. They will send you and email in the next 2-3 business days, then it takes around 3 weeks (up to 45 days) to actually show up on the statement.
  5. If it doesnt, email them and its usually remedied ASAP.

Hope this helps!