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No Annual Fee Barclaycard

City Slicker

Re: No Annual Fee Barclaycard

I have the NF Arrival. It’s a good card for travel, but the Uber Visa card dominates it on all fronts. I have both and I never use the NF Arrival. 

Internationally Known

Re: No Annual Fee Barclaycard

Hi, I called Barclay about downgrading to the no-fee arrival card and was wondering if anyone who has downgraded still gets the miles added to your card from the Barclay travel stories.  Although you may still be part of the travel community, the account rep did not see that the downgraded card allows you to earn points towards your travel purchases.  Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you!

Nationally Recognized

Re: No Annual Fee Barclaycard

My miles transfer to my NF card no problem since I downgraded. This was a couple of years ago, so there’s a chance that I am “grandfathered in” or something, but my guess is that it will still work just fine if you were to downgrade. I think I just had to link the new card to my travel community profile, but I’ve earned and redeemed several thousand miles since downgrading without any issue. 

Community Manager

Re: No Annual Fee Barclaycard

Hi, We'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please email with the phone number associated with your account. Thanks, ^RW