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Global Entry

City Slicker

Re: Global Entry Reimbursement

Well my GE has expired and as I travel internationally frequently, I'm not renewing my BA+.  There are several cards with intro benefits plus the same annual charge, who will pay the fee.  Like my Barclay card but in this instance they are just not competitive so there is no incentive not to change.

Internationally Known

Re: Global Entry

Unfortunately, I doubt that the Arrival Plus will offer any Global Entry (or Lounge Access) benefits due to the relatively low Annual Fee. As Stormtroopin2 and others have mentioned, most cards that offer such perks have much higher annual fees in the $400 range.


This is why I am still cheering for Barclays to launch a true elite travel credit card that comes with the elite perks. I would have applied for the Arrival Premier (which provided Global Entry), had I been able to request an upgrade as opposed to a second card.