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Existing Frequent flyer miles AND Arrival card ?

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Existing Frequent flyer miles AND Arrival card ?

So I'm new to Arrival. So new that I don't have the physical card yet. If this question is covered in a FAQ somewhere, or already in this forum, I apologize as I didn't find it...


My goal in getting Arrival is to earn points to pay for my family of three to visit my parents that are three thousand miles away.


I currently have about 37k US Airways miles, which is already more than one ticket. I also have 16k United miles. I do not have a rewards earning credit card with either airline. Miles were earned in travel or via shopping at their respective shopping mall (walmart, home depot, etc...).


Is there some way to use Arrival in conjunction with existing airline miles? While I'll earn rewards quick enough with Arrival, I'd hate to loose the existing miles!


Thanks :)

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Re: Existing Frequent flyer miles AND Arrival card ?

I don't know why Barclay insists on referring to their points as "Miles." This is not a miles system - it is a points/cashback system. You make a purchase with your Barclay's card and then use accumulated points to "erase" the purchase from your statement.


This is a completely different model from Frequent Flyer miles. In that model, you accumulate miles up front and then use them to "buy" your ticket. So no, you can't combine them. Use your airline miles to purchase one of the tickets. Then buy your other two tickets with the Barclays card. When the charge for the 2 tickets appears on your statement you can use Barclay points to pay all or part of the charge.


That means you get 2 points/dollar spent when you buy the tickets. And when you cash in your points, you get 10% back in the form of more points. If you purchase your airline tickets through a link in the Barclay portal, you will get even MORE reward points. So this system gives you lots of extra rewards compared to most airline miles systems.