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Arrival Plus Trip Delay Insurance: Anyone Used It?

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Arrival Plus Trip Delay Insurance: Anyone Used It?

Barclays added trip delay coverage to the Arrival Plus benefits not too long ago, and it looks to be a potentially valuable benefit. Anyone out there had occasion to use this? If so, please share your experience.


From what I can see, it looks like you are eligible for this if you paid for the common carrier ticket with the Arrival Plus card, and said carrier ends up delayed for over six hours from scheduled departure. Then the cardholder is eligible for reimbursement of up to $300 in expenses associated with the delay, like food and lodgings. Pretty good!


Only "gotcha" that I see is that the T&C say if the common carrier cancels within 6 hours of departure (rather than maintaining "delayed" status), then you are ineligible for the benefit. So if I am understanding this correctly, you could be delayed for 5 hours and fifty minutes, and the airline could then cancel the flight outright, and the trip delay insurance benefit won't apply even though you personally are going to experience a delay well north of six hours.