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No points for completing profile

City Slicker

No points for completing profile

I read that completing my profile here is supposed to earn 500 Community Miles. I completed all those steps over a month ago, but despite what I read here about the 0-miles-displayed bug now having been fixed, and despite having my Arrival+ card linked with the miles supposed to have been posted by Sept 2-3 or so, I still see 0 Community Miles here and no miles have been posted to my Arrival+ account.


What's going on? Does completing a profile no longer earn any miles?

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Community Manager

Re: No points for completing profile

Hi @salzedonerd, We investigated your profile and determined that the Google Maps location of your hometown did not use the pre-populated option and therefore was not showing as 'complete.' We've fixed this issue and now you should see the "Completed Profile icon" on your profile page and the 500 Miles should appear in your total tomorrow. Let us know if you had any other concerns. Thank you! ^SM