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Missing Miles from September 2019

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Missing Miles from September 2019

Hi everyone, I just started posting again and glad I found this website.  I really enjoy receiving kudos and writing stories and have found many of the travel posts very helpful. 


I posted about 8-10 stories on last 3 days of September but I noticed my rewards points is still the same.  Is there a way for moderators to make sure my account is still linked and that I am not missing miles.  Thanks

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Re: Missing Miles from September 2019

Fun2travel, something must have gone wrong with September’s points transfer.  I was shorted 1,690 points.  I wrote a post here about it and I sent the moderators an e-mail on 10-10.  I still have not heard back from them.  I’m sure they are busy so I’ll hang tight for a bit before I send another e-mail.