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Leaderboard Stats and Other Geeky Stuff

Stately Explorer

Leaderboard Stats and Other Geeky Stuff

I'm a stats geeky, which is probably weird for an English major, but making numbers fit fascinates me. So, with all the recent discussion of points not posting, I browsed around the Leaderboard just for fun. The Leanderboard can be accessed from the Travel Stories page by clicking on the Top Story Contributors link, or you can click here


Use the filters to define your search. Filter to All Time and there are 5987 authors listed (I'm currently #93, woo hoo). Now, there was some confusion about kudos on these pages not matching the kudos on the profile page. That is because these kudos are only for travel stories, not for Discussion posts. They seem to be current as I had 488 kudos on Saturday, received two kudos for stories yesterday, and today have 490. This is just on the Leaderboard as my kudos on my profile page includes kudos I have received for Discussion posts.


That's my math contribution for today. You're welcome.

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Re: Leaderboard Stats and Other Geeky Stuff

That's cool, I like that geeky stuff and I had never found that Leaderboard in all my poking around the website.  You are currently #90 all time and I was surprised to find myself at #106 since I've been more of an everything major from English to Art to Electronics with a lot of Military thrown in.  Keep up the good work.

Stately Explorer

Re: Leaderboard Stats and Other Geeky Stuff

Sometimes I'm a little slow and I only just discovered -  there is a second Leaderboard!!! This one is for Discussion posts. Click here or go to the main Discussions page and click on Top Contributors. Like the Stories Leaderboard, it defaults to the last 30 days, but you can filter to whichever time frame you want. 


Now, here's what's cool. Filter both boards to All Time and add up the two numbers of kudos. They should add up to the number of kudos on your Profile page. Mine do. Further, during this points fiasco I've been keeping track and it appears the numbers are recording correctly. If so, then we know that part of the BarclayTravel system is working. You also know how many kudos you got for stories and how many for Discussion posts.


More math stats for your Thursday evening pondering. ~


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Re: Leaderboard Stats and Other Geeky Stuff

Um, so, confession time: I am also a words person who geeks out about stats. I came across the Leaderboards a few months ago... and used it as motivation for posting more. I wanted to be on that front page of the all-time kudos leaders!!!

I'm not there yet - and won't be for a bit, as I'm holding off posting until the points issue is resolved - but shout-out to victoria_pa for moving up that list faster than I've ever seen anyone else! And the folks at the top are, I find, the most prolific kudo-givers as well as posters. Shout-out to them as well!