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Bohemian Nyc

City Slicker

Bohemian Nyc

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has been to the Bohemian restaurant and would be willing to refer me so that I can take my girlfriend here for her birthday? I would really appreciate it! I have contacted their reservation email, but no luck in getting any response.

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Internationally Known

Re: Bohemian Nyc

I haven't dined there, but maybe you could try this:

1. Ask a concierge at a large, fancy NYC hotel to get reservations, sometimes they can work wonders. 

2. Use social media for help.

3. Try a listing on Craigslist.

4. Ask a nearby store owner if they have eaten there & if you can use their name.

5. Talk to someone entering/leaving the restaurant & ask them.

6. Google it and call the phone number (it can be found online, for some reason my earlier attempt to include it here was deleted.)