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Barclays Premier League Sponsorship - 2020 Season



Hi all!


We are excited to announce another year of Barclays sponsoring the Premier League. After we saw such success and community interest with 2019 season tickets and March 2019 NBC Live Fan Fest, the Travel Community will continue to support ticket giveaway and fan fest access in the 2020 Premier League season.


The same terms and conditions for season ticket and fan fest giveaway opportunities will remain for the 2020 season. If you’re traveling to the UK or designated fan festival area, there’s a chance Barclays could provide you with one pair of tickets to a match this season for free.


If you’re interested in one of the games and know the date you’ll be able to attend, please reach out to the Travel Community mailbox - Tickets are from limited inventory and on a first come first serve basis.




Barclays is not responsible for any travel accommodations to or from the event.

Tickets are from limited inventory and available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Ticket sections and seats will be determined by order date and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Barclays Bank Delaware and its affiliates, parent company and subsidiaries, are not liable for injury, accident, loss, claim, expense or damages sustained by you or anyone traveling with you, in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of any Reward. Barclays Bank Delaware and its affiliates, parent company and subsidiaries, shall not be liable for consequential damages and the sole extent of liability, if at all, and shall not exceed the actual value of the Reward.


City Slicker

Hi after we send an email how long it takes to get a response back?

City Slicker

Hey there! It would be super if there's any chance to post if tickets will be available to matches at some regular interval. Say, maybe once the Premier League has announced its fixture changes for a given month, due to its TV obligations. It's super awesome that Barclays would bless this community with the chance at tickets — but as someone who tries to schedule these types of trips — the logistics of getting to a match are amazing. Even if it's one pair of tickets — having some deadline for communications would help logistics a ton, and really make the "getting to a match" dreams come true for fans, and contributors here. Thanks!! 


Hi all,


We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response to our Premiere League ticket giveaway for 2020 season! Because of the large number of requests, we are no longer accepting new requests for tickets.


Please keep an eye out for updates to come regarding fan fest information and 2020 season event recaps.


Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our promotion. We look forward to offering more giveaways in the future!

City Slicker

I've sent an email requesting more information about tickets and I've never heard back.  I sent the first inquiry email on August 30th and resent it again today September 27th.  Why am I not getting a response to my inquiry?  Please advise.

City Slicker
disappointing experience after you ask us to email we never get a response . C’est la cie thank you Barclays.
Stately Explorer

When can we expect a response? I have sent four emails now, the first being on 9/18.

City Slicker

Also have emailed 2-3 times starting end on Aug and then again Sept/ Oct and not heard back for the last game of season. Thanks 

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