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Group Cruise Deals

I'm trying to get a group cruise together for next year around mid June. Just something short, for a weekend or so. My friends all make different amou


by stephbice02048 in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-07-22

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Planning trip Japan

Greeting everyone

I'm starting to planning a trip to Japan for 3 weeks. This will be my first time in Japan. Here are 2 thing I would really like to do


by midsail in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-07-21

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Let's Kudo it up!

Good morning everyone!  I'm fairly new to the community, and I've been enjoying your stories and photos. I've noticed that while stories tend to get a


by cdgodshall in All Things Community on 2017-07-20

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Cuba travel

Anyone has recommenations on traveling to Cuba from the States.

Any troubles?

What is the best way to get around? 


by andreagoofy in All Things Community on 2017-07-18

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Travel websites coupon codes

So far- package travel through Travelocity coupled with coupon codes is the cheapest I could find- anyone else have better luck? Tried Expedia,cheap t...

by April61380 in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-07-17

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Summer Hiking Adventures

With the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and the birds chirping, summer is a perfect time to pull out your hiking shoes and hit the trails. Of cour...
by CherylLock on 2017-07-25

Pack This: Must-Haves for Summer Travel

There are certain things that deserve a spot on every summer travel packing list – things like sunglasses and sunscreen, and enough entertainment to k...
by AmandaWilliams on 2017-07-17