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I visited in autumn is Gumi

Hi travellers,

Do you know Gumi?

The best 0place I visited in autumn is Gumi. :D.
Gumi is a romantic and peaceful place.
Koreans call the scent of Gumi "t


by dhfldhtp in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-08-17

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Daily Dip: Share Your Favorite Summer Memory Photo!

Cover Photo.png


Take a trip down summer memory lane with the Daily Dip #SummerLiving!


Summer may be winding down, but we’re keeping the sun-soaked adventures ali


by GeneaD in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-08-15

2 599

Got Bug Info that I've Posted 5 Stories for One City, While Only Posted One

Hi adminstrators,


If you check my profile, you can see that I've only posted one story for Miami. However, I am not unable to write stories for Miami


by Lucky15 in All Things Community on 2017-08-14

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Things Must to Do in Puerto Rico

Hi, wise travellers,


Am going to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving, one week. Any good ideas that I can use to make my trip more enjoyable? :)



by Lucky15 in Let's Talk Travel on 2017-08-09

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Didn't receive the Thread 10 Badge

I'm pretty sure that the discussions I participated in or started is over 10 now, but I haven't received the badge for Thread 10. May I ask it to be p


by Lucky15 in All Things Community on 2017-08-09

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Family-friendly travel tips

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Family-friendly vacation tips

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